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Harmony Farms believes in being green!

Here are just a few of our efforts in being more sustainable.

bulk herbs and spices department jars on selves

We have a large bulk section where you can get herbs, spices, teas, nuts, seeds, beans, grains, and more in large quantities. You are welcome to bring in your own containers to fill. Just have a cashier weigh your container before filling it.

empty mason jar

We collect Harmony Farms Sea Moss Jars, New Pastures Raw Milk & Kefir jars, Blye’s Bees, and Backyard Honeypot’s jars to be reused.

rolly receipt bpa-free paper

Our receipts are from Rolly Receipts that are 100% BPA and BPS-free, Plastic Free, 100% Biodegradable, and they plant one tree per case sold. They are more sustainable than traditional receipts and without all the chemicals, too. Guilt-Free Receipts!

compost now logo

Our Organic Juice Bar has diverted more than 44,000  lbs of food scraps since May 2014 with CompostNow.

Instead of using plastic cups and utensils, almost everything the juice bar uses is compostable!

We produce a lot of compost! We have a few local farmers that leave buckets for us to fill. Email our sustainability coordinator if you are interested in leaving a bucket and taking some of our organic compost.

terracycle logo
Acure bodycare packaging
Alaffia brand everyday shea foaming soap
Ancient Harvest quinoa packaging
Burt's Bees micellar water facial towellets and lip balm
Happy Baby brand baby food bananas, raspberries, & oats packaging
HFactor water pouch
We partnered with Terracycle in 2020. They help to recycle "hard to recycle" plastic waste. We currently accept containers from the following brands. Please rinse and dry the containers before dropping them off.

ACURE: ACURE skin care and personal care packaging

Alaffia: Alaffia brand rigid plastic packaging from deodorant, pumps, sprayers, lip balm
Ancient Harvest: Ancient Harvest flexible plastic packaging (stand-up pouches, snack bars, cardboard box plastic inner liners)
Burt’s Bees: Burt’s Bees branded personal care, lip care, and beauty care packaging
Happy Family Organics: flexible plastic packaging, pouches, and caps.
HFactor® Water: HFactor® Water Pouches
Late July Snacks chip bags
Late July: all Late July® Snacks packaging
Lundberg Family Farms rice, rice cakes, and chip bags
Mad Hippie packaging
Pamela's baking & pancake mix packaging
Lundberg Family Farms: all flexible Lundberg Family Farms packaging and food wrappers
Mad Hippie:
(No glass or cardboard)

-Nutrient Mist bottles, pumps, and caps
-Face Cream bottles and caps
-Eye Cream bottles and caps
-Pumps from Cream Cleanser bottles
-Pumps and caps from Cleansing Oil bottles 

-Dropper tops from serum bottles (please remove the glass pipette)
-Plastic seals from all bottles 
-Facial SPF tubes and caps-Mascara tubes, caps, and wands
-Concealer tubes and caps

(Please recycle cardboard and glass.)

Pamela’s: Pamela’s flexible plastic packaging (stand-up pouches, snack bars, cardboard box plastic inner liners)

Serenity Farms baby food pouches
Serenity Kids: Serenity Kids baby food pouches
Stasher reusable silicone bags
Stasher: Stasher bags are designed to be endlessly reusable and are a great way to keep single-use plastics from entering our oceans and landfills. But if a bag is a bit too well-used, you can now recycle Stasher bags through this program.
Weleda brand skincare products
Weleda: all WELEDA® personal care packaging

Email our Sustainability Specialist, Monica, for questions.

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