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About Us

Dedicated to the very best and cleanest vendors of organic foods and products.

Harmony Farms first opened in 1974 and has been serving the community with the cleanest foods and supplements ever since.


Our Story


Marian Wall and Tommy Dean open Harmony Farms on W. Franklin St in Chapel Hill, NC with a vision to bring the cleanest foods possible to their community.


Harmony Farms moves to Raleigh, NC on Hillsborough St. across from NC State University, and Marian Wall assumes sole ownership.


With new co-owner Penny Eubanks, Marian opens a second, larger Harmony Farms location in North Raleigh on Creedmoor Rd. NC State student Jamie Nile assumes management of the Hillsborough St. location. Jamie’s friend Steve Long becomes a regular customer.


Marian becomes sole owner when Penny steps away to give birth and raise her family.

The Late 1990s

Regular customer and Usui Reiki Master Healer Steve Long begins leaving business cards at the store.


Marian sells the Hillsborough location to focus on the Creedmoor location, where business is booming. The Hillsborough store eventually closes down in 2000.

The Early 2000s

Nancy Stefan finishes her Classical Naturopathic Doctor studies at The Trinity School of Natural Health. She begins leaving her business cards at the store. A devoted customer, Nancy hints to Marian to call her if she ever considers selling.


Steve begins dating Nancy, whom he had met in Reiki Master Vicki Penninger’s Reiki Healing Troupe. They soon find out they had similar goals and dreams to escape corporate America and offer healing practices in a healing and sustainable environment


Nancy and Steve marry in October 2004.


Marian Wall decides to sell the store to the Longs.


In late 2019, the store expanded by 2000 sq ft, making room for many new products!


In December of 2023, Steve and Nancy sold the store to a young entrepreneur who owns many "Fancy Foods" stores. 

Meet The Team

Harmony Farms Mission Statement

Harmony Farms Natural Food Store is your Natural Wellness Partner that will work with you while we journey together On Your Natural Wellness Path.

In keeping with the Organic Spirit we will provide you with the highest quality Natural & Organic Foods and Supplements.

With our Friendly, Dependable, and Qualified Assistance, we will Provide a Nurturing Environment through which You Can Achieve Your Optimum Health Goals.

In the coalescence of these Achievements Harmony Farms Natural Foods Store will continue to be a Profitable, Thriving Resource for Yourself & Our Community. Providing a Shining Light into the Future for all those wishing to be Walking the Path of the Natural Lifestyle Together.

Thank You!

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