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At Harmony Farms, we have two rooms available for rent for practitioners, vendors, healers, and presenters.

The Wellness Room and the Healing Room.

Wellness Room

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About the Wellness Room

At 155 sq. ft., The Wellness Room is perfect for lecture series, group discussions, or vendor demos. It can hold up to 16 people sitting or standing, with chairs, a table, and a wall-mounted dry erase board provided.

It’s available to rent by the hour or by the day
(minimum is 1 hour)

  • By the hour: $20/hr (includes 15 mins for set-up before and 15 mins after for break down)

  • By the day: $160 (8 hrs)

  • 2-Day Special: $280 (Rent 2 consecutive full days)

All attendees must pay the presenter or vendor directly.

Harmony Farms is not responsible for collecting any ticket or attendance fees.

NOTE: Harmony Farms Ownership does not necessarily support all information given by the Presenters. The Presenters speak for themselves about their own information.

Attendees must purchase a Harmony Club Card to attend all presentations.

Here is all the info you need for the Wellness Room Seminar Series:
Wellness Room Presenter Checklist
  • Please review our website Event Page at (ie. the tab on our home page is “Want to promote your Practice…)
  • The Wellness Room rental cost is $20 per hour, please see our website for all rental fee options at the site location listed above.
  • The Healing Room is available for one on one consultations at $10 per hour, please see our website for all rental fee options at the site location listed above.
  • Presentation times can begin as early as 10 am and must end no later than 7:30 pm Mon-Sat; Sunday can begin as early as 11:30 am and must end no later than 5:30 pm.
  • Please choose several dates to submit via email to Steve Long, Co-Owner of Harmony Farms and the Wellness Room Seminar Series Director,
  • When submitting your Presentation Dates please include the following that will be added to our Event Calendar, E Letter, and social media advertising:
    • Title of your Presentation (Steve can help you with this if needed)
    • Short Blurb of your Presentation (Steve can help you with this if needed)
    • Picture of you or you can tell us to grab the pic from your site
    • Short Blurb of you, your expertise, education, or other relevant info
    • Name of your Practice/Business, address, website, and phone #
  • You have the option of holding a Meet & Greet at the Harmony Farms Juice Bar area at a time of your choosing (Steve can help you with this if needed). This is not a prerequisite to hold your Presentation, just an opportunity to advertise yourself, your practice/business, and your Presentation- there is no fee for the M&G and no charge to the customers.
  • the customers/clients pay the Presenter directly a minimum of $10. If you don’t have a Square Reader and the customer/client wants to pay with a credit card they can pay at the Harmony Farms Registers and we will pay them out in cash to give to you directly.
  • All customers/clients must show you their Harmony Farms Private Membership Card to attend your Presentation. They can purchase one for $5 and is good through December 2022. This allows the Presenters to speak in their Presentation on any subject without fear of punishment from any State Authority.
  • Please notify Steve Long if you need a PowerPoint Projector.

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